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Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas is about 3 hours from Manila by bus, has open-air bamboo cabanas and parasols lining along the 2-kilometer beach.

The resorts’ Website states: “Virgin Beach Resort sits by the shores of Laiya, facing east, adjacent to Sigayan Bay, one of the cleanest bays in the Philippines. The resort has more than a kilometer of pristine white sand beach. Its waters are pure, serene and crystal-clear. The majestic Mount Lobo serves as a tranquil backdrop to its beautiful beachfront. If you are appreciative of such a place, then come and experience Virgin Beach Resort.”

Useful Info: For a day tour, the entrance fee is PhP 850, including lunch. If you want to stay overnight, the cabanas rent for PhP 5000; the airconditioned 2-bed casitas (PhP 7350, good for 4 persons) are also an option.


E-Mail address:

Reservations can be done by phone or on-line or at its Makati office.

Makati Tel. Nos.:(632) 759-2020 or 759-2828 or 815-2584 or 815-2587; Fax (632) 817-6334

Mobile Nos.:0917-792-0712

Office Hours: 9AM to 7PM (Mon-Thur), 9AM to 6PM (Fri)
During weekend, holidays and after office hours you may call the resort mobile no. 0917-813-1301

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