VALENTINE’S DAY POST | Cherishing the ‘right click’

Photo by Joe Zlomek (http://www.freeimages.com/photographer/jzlomek-38910)

Love is in the air on this time each year. This special day marks a spot in our hearts when we grab the chance of expressing how much love we feel for our significant someone.

In this vast universe in all its immeasurable glory with about 7.5 billion of people on Earth, there is practically small probability of finding someone you will fall in love with who will also have the same feeling for you in return.

Only a few find the chance to discover that “right click” for someone and then that special someone will also find the same “click.” Sometimes it gets worse when that right “click” comes at the wrong time.

When this happens, some would eventually go around the normal route no matter how hard it would be just to grab that “click” and experience that once-in-a-lifetime thingy.

Most of the time, the feelings would not stay mutual. Even if one of the parties have poured all possible means to shower the other with wholehearted affection, that other would still tend to dwindle in the long run.

But it does not mean that relationships mostly end up with heartbreaks. Most couples try to keep it up for the sake of being together. Some are able retain the feelings. Some do not.

The hopeless romantic thinks that this is the real purpose and meaning of our earthy lives – finding that someone with the “right click.”

Now if you think you have found the person with that “right click,” by all means cherish the moment and do your best to sustain it.

Chances are, that partner would provide you with the kind of happiness you will forever treasure. Something you would not exchange for any thing in this world or in the universe.

It will forever change the way you look at how to live a good life in this world, while seeing the rest of your life sharing on the same ground, treading the same path, seeking the same growth, and chasing the same dream.

That special person will let you experience the kind of life that is worth living. That partner will let you see the beauty of life, and lead you to living a life not just for breathing – a life warmed with blood pumped by your heart that beats along with another heart.

Come to think of it, that “right click” actually makes this world a better place to live in.

Happy Hearts Day!

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