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ITALIAN AMERICAN DELIGHTS | Marciano’s at Tuscany, McKinley Hills

Whatever the weather is, Tuscany in Upper McKinley Hills Taguig, offers most of the country’s premium restaurants and place to spend time with family or friends. One of the restaurants that recently opened is Marciano’s Pizza Pasta Steak.

It’s their third branch that opened in the metro, which offers mainly American and Italian dishes, that costs about P300 to P500 per meal. Some of their dishes to crave for are Marciono’s Signature salad for about P289, Gangs of New York pizza for P368 and Legally Blonde pasta for P289. Most of their dishes can be shared by 2 person, so it’s not really that painful in one’s pocket.

Marciano’s pizzas are really something to try like their Adam Sandler Four Cheese Pizza, because it’s not oily and as what they claim, it’s cooked from their brick oven. Their servings are good up to 6 people, though we must warn some pizza lovers, because it does tastes that good, one can eat all their thin crusts pizza in a seating.

They’ve also served us their version of Buffalo wings, in which the chicken is really tender plus it’s still crispy, even if it’s covered with caramelized like breading. It’s a good blend of sweet and spice in one bite, and even those who don’t dig in spicy food can finish one wing in their plate.

When we visited their place on the day they opened it (Store Blessings and Opening: September 16 – Monday), they did not serve some desserts yet, though some sweets to look forward to are Apple Crumble, Frozen Tiramisu and All Fruit Ice Cream.

This Marciano’s branch is comely and looks more sophisticated with their bricked walls simply painted in white. At the first floor they have tables that can cater guests up to group of 10 in a table. Though on the second floor, there are only few seats available across their mini bar area, so we must say it’s a place for those who want to have some intimate conversation with someone.

For those who have cars, parking is a breeze during daytime. Though at night, parking is really tough due to limited space, especially when it’s a Friday payday for most people. You should go as early as 5:00pm to find space to park your car. You can consider parking at the Venice Piazza, which is few blocks away from the restaurant.

So for people who loves Marciano’s, check out their branch at Ground Floor, Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road,McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Get more updates about this restaurant by liking and following them on Facebook at

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