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UNIQUE & CONVENIENT ONLINE SHOPPING | all set to launch on Oct. 20

Taking a huge step to the future direction of e-commerce, dubbed “the first online shopping mall in the Philippines” is all set for launch on October 20, 2016 to provide users with a unique and convenient online shopping experience.


In a statement sent to, Adobomall founder and CEO Walt Steven Young said: “Since I travel a lot for business, a big chunk of my shopping is done online, but I never felt the same here in the Philippines. I thought, it’s only about time there is something worth of our love for shopping.”

“It is quite evident that the digital landscape and presence of the Philippines is moving constantly towards dominance. Filipinos are starting to become more active digital communicators as “netizens”, than in actual social settings. Business institutions have picked up this shift of behaviour, and are starting to look for ways to take advantage of this societal activity,” Adobomall statement said.

A number of existing companies – local and international alike are putting more effort in looking for avenues to integrate their business models to this tide of advancement. One of the biggest challenge is how to change the Filipino’s mindset when it comes to ordering and transacting physical goods online.

“Based on our survey, Businesses and Customers still feel reluctant participating on online platforms due to the lack of barriers of entry to protect businesses, and assurance of quality, authentic goods for the customers,” Young said.

Aiming to bring “the real shopping experience” on desktops and mobile devices, Adobomall said it is designed to break Filipinos’ disconnect and apprehension on online shopping.


Adobomall statement said it will make “online shopping convenient, and more importantly – reliable.”

“Sadly, most are still apprehensive to shop online. You can’t blame them. We’ve heard issues
of fake products and users and merchandisers being scammed. This is the reason I’m bringing
Adobomall to the Philippines first. The time for real online shopping is coming,” Young said..

Designed to function as an extension of physical retail stores, Adobomall will include premier fashion
and apparel labels, lifestyle brands, travel and leisure essentials, gadgets and electronics, cosmetics, books, restaurants, and other services.

“Adobomall will bridge itself as the balance, and not limited to only a customer-centric website, but a brand-centric as well,” the company said.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms where most brands are brought together in categories, Adobomall will set up individual “virtual store fronts” for each brand to provide their own identity in the platform.

“Some companies feel that they lose their brand equity and identity as soon as they move from in-store to online — but that doesn’t have to be the case. What e-commerce platforms could take a look at is working on making each brand unique versus collating all of different companies’ products into just several categories,” Young said.


Adobomall said: “As more consumers look for a more convenient and empowering way to browse and shop, online is the best direction companies can look into. It offers an avenue to reach different demographics, both efficiently and effectively, at a minimal expense.”


Adobomall said its delivery system will be “the fastest” in the industry, “cutting down the usual two weeks to two to three days in Metro Manila and five to eight days nationwide.”

“Think of it as a virtual mall where you walk and pass by shops. Adobomall will house all your
favorite brands that you can access at the palm of your hands,” Young said.

“Now, there’s no need to endure traffic or the long lines only to find out that your size or style is sold out,” Young said. (Source:


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